Don’t hold your breath

18th Apr 2012

I am sure that you have heard a pro or two make an annoying grunt during every shot they hit. After a while it makes you think that they might be game playing trying to distract their opponent. If I […]

Demonstrate respect for your opponent

16th Apr 2012

Below is something I found in the South Dakota State University newspaper that I think is pretty great and something I think should be part of the fundamentals taught to all young athletes. You can show respect to your opponents […]

More on coaching – Know your boundaries

15th Apr 2012

If you find yourself stepping in to try and coach your young athlete, know this: you will create distrust between your child and their coach. You will make the coach’s job very difficult because your child will not respect what […]

Should I be my child’s coach?

14th Apr 2012

There have been parents who have coached their children into great athletes but, from my observation, many of these relationships seem unhealthy. You need to find the right coach that fits your child and then let them do their job. […]

What to do when your child is being cheated?

13th Apr 2012

I remember my first tennis tournament as a little girl. I made it to the semi-finals. I was really in kind of a daze because I didn’t think I would make it past the first-round much less make it to […]

When in Trouble go Back to the Basics

12th Apr 2012

When I was competing as a little girl I remember my Dad on the sidelines. My Dad would do three things when my head was spinning off of my shoulders and things were looking really bad. The first one was […]

Going to the Pea Patch!!!

11th Apr 2012

Have you ever heard of the “Pea Patch”?? Me either!!! But apparently my Dad has been there and it is not a place people want to go. My mission was to take my opponents to the Pea Patch. They were […]

Eye of the Tiger

8th Apr 2012

I was 8 years old, pigtails flying, and could barely see over the net but balls were coming at my head at warp speed. A voice on the other side of the court was screaming “eye of the tiger, eye […]

The 3 D’s

5th Apr 2012

Desire, Discipline, and Determination and of course a fourth D…for Detwiler! This was just one of my father’s mantra’s! He was right. You must have a desire for whatever you want to do in your life and if you want […]

Keeping Them on the “Right” Path

2nd Apr 2012

What do you do when you want your child to be this great athlete and keep them on the right path towards success? I was that child that wanted to go to the movies and walk to the pizza hut […]