Free Downloads


Below you can find PDF downloads that can be used for some extra fun.  They are recommended for teachers and parents. Download them, print them out, and have your kids experience more Henry!


Tennis Maze Download – Test your sense of direction to get Henry and Jordan out of the tennis ball maze so they can congratulate each other at the net!


Sportsbug Self Portrait Download – Create your own character to be in the Adventures of Henry the Sports Bug! Snail mail it to me or take a picture of you and your work and email it to me. I will post it on our website and may even use it in one of Henry’s adventures!!!


Henry the Sports Bug Coloring Page – Color your own Henry! Take a picture of you and your work when you are done and email it to me! I will post it on our website!


Tennis Word Search – Can you find all of these words about Henry and his tennis adventure with Jordan? I did but it took me a while!!

Henry The Sports Bug Theme Song Download (Right Click – Save Link As)