The 3 D’s

5th Apr 2012

Desire, Discipline, and Determination and of course a fourth D…for Detwiler! This was just one of my father’s mantra’s! He was right. You must have a desire for whatever you want to do in your life and if you want to be part of the elite you have to have a strong desire. There takes a certain amount of discipline to achieve any level of success in what you do, for some, things come easier than others. I was gifted with the natural ability to play tennis at a very high level without a lot of effort, this was not to my advantage. I could win a lot of my matches without much thought which made me lazy, so when it came to the tough matches I was not prepared. No matter how determined you are, without desire and discipline this means very little, in fact you are probably not determined at all. If you have the desire to play the sport you have chosen, and the discipline to put the time in to achieve the amount of success that you want, your determination should automatically follow. Find out where your child’s desire lies, see how much discipline they are willing to give to their desire and then you will know just how much determination they have to be the best at their chosen sport.

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