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“I am a strong believer in always doing your best under all kinds of circumstances.  I believe in discipline because it allows doing your best…and allows for children to accomplish far more in this world.  Discipline teaches children to concentrate better, stay focused longer, and achieve goals they might not have thought possible. Henry the Sports Bug not only instills discipline, but helps children love and enjoy sports, at an early age.”
– Robert Lansdorp

“Henry the Sports Bug is a great way to introduce young children to the idea that playing sports can create lasting friendships and be fun. As a former 5 time Wimbledon player and mother of 2, I saw first hand how my kids benefited from playing sports. They learned important life lessons such as how to thrive under pressure, work with others, be a leader, show good sportsmanship when defeated and continually strive for their goals. Besides the obvious benefits of being physically fit, children gain so much more from participating in sports. Hopefully Henry the Sports Bug will help you inspire your child to try new things and discover the sport they enjoy most.”
– Laura Bernstein-Kassirer

“Henry the Sports Bug is a wonderful character that leads by example. Children need positive role models and Henry is one of those. As a tennis coach I try to always instill in my students a sense of confidence, fearlessness, to make self honoring choices and of course the benefits of playing tennis. Henry is a wonderful example of all these traits. Sports is such a great avenue to inspire, focus and give kids a sense of accomplishment. I truly look forward in all of Henry’s future sports adventures.”
– Nikki Robbins, Director Nikki’s Tennis Crew

Henry speaks to children of all ages encouraging them to love sports, getting them physically active. We all know that creating a healthy lifestyle includes physical exercise in addition to healthy eating and lifestyle choices.  Starting young is paramount to a maintain a MORSELICIOUSLY healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for our collaboration; Henry meets Mo, the Morselist.
– Maura (Mo, the Morselist)
The Moreselist

In a world where the wrong message is portrayed as the right one, Henry is a refreshing alternative. This is a throwback to the old message books I used to read when I was growing. Share Henry and his adventures and brighten the lives of some young person. It is a great gift. Melissa is setting a new trend.
– “Coach” Grayson Marshall, Jr. President and CEO

“Being a good parent is easier when 12 writers are telling you what to say, as I was privileged to have on ‘Growing Pains’.  Melissa could have been one of those writers!  Insightful, original, and funny!  As a sports junkie, I especially appreciate how Henry the Sports Bug connects kids to fitness in a fresh way without preaching… he is fun to be with!”
– Alan Thicke, Actor/Author
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“Words can’t express my appreciation for making it happen with the kids today here at Socastee.  You are the talk of the primary grades…. Henry, the Sports Bug left a mark here at Socastee.  Thanks for your enthusiasm!! Your love for what you do really shined through.  Please let us know when the next edition is out!! Wahooo for kids here and the difference you made.”
– Debbie Colliver, Principal, Socastee Elementary

“So many staff members posted pictures of themselves and Henry often stating something along the lines of “this is why I love my job….” that made me smile when I heard this and wanted to share it with you! The Child and Family Life Program at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital often plan special events and host special guests in order to reduce anxiety, stress and to help children adjust to being hospitalized. Henry the Sports Bug is excellent at bringing smiles and cheer to patients and in addition, it was a big boost of morale for the staff. Thank you!”
– Kimberly S. Wagner M.Ed., Program Coordinator
Mapp Child and Family Life Program, USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for bringing Henry the Sports Bug to Socastee Elementary in Myrtle Beach ,South Carolina! It was a great experience for our students! It isn’t often that children get to hear such a wonderful story read to them by the author herself! Then to get to meet and play with Henry was just amazing! Our students loved every minute of your presentation. They had fun while learning about leading a healthy lifestyle! I wish you and Henry could come back every year! Best of luck to you as you travel across the country bringing your love of health and sports to children everywhere!”
– Jane Gladden, Kindergarten Teacher, Socastee Elementary School

“We really want to thank you for introducing Henry the Sports Bug to Greystone Elementary. The students are still talking about Henry and wondering when he will be back, and also what sports adventure he will encounter next. They also loved hearing the story about Henry and learning more about tennis and fitness during your time with the groups. What a great thing when you can incorporate physical activity with reading. Keep up the Good Work, and you and Henry are always welcome at Greystone Elementary so stop in the next time you visit the South. Thanks again and make sure to update us when your next book is available to the public.”
– Rand Payton, Physical Education Teacher, Greystone Elementary
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