More on coaching – Know your boundaries

15th Apr 2012

If you find yourself stepping in to try and coach your young athlete, know this: you will create distrust between your child and their coach. You will make the coach’s job very difficult because your child will not respect what the coach is telling them. For example: I don’t usually allow parents on the court when I am coaching their children. I want the child to be free, to be themselves, and be completely open to listening to what I am saying. I have seen too many times, parents calling out instructions from the sidelines and basically coaching over the coach. The child gets very frustrated and I almost always get that the parent wants tennis far more than the child does. You are also creating a relationship that may make your child withdraw and not open up to you for fear of disappointing you. Instead, you need to create an open communication with them so they can be free to express their needs and desires. Stay off of the playing field but be there to cheer, encourage, support, guide, love, listen, and have fun with your child athlete.

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